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Azure Security Center Standard rebranded to Azure Defender

Azure Security Center (ASC) is the center of many security-related features that are present within Azure. You can gain insight into the security status of your environment from 1 portal. Think of, for example, continuous assessments, regulatory compliance, security alerts, … Read More

Azure Active Directory Continuous Access Evaluation

Token expiration and refresh is a standard authentication mechanism and widely used across the industry. When a client application (like Teams) connects to a service (like SharePoint Online), the API requests are authorized using OAuth 2.0 access tokens. By default, … Read More

Continuous Export of Nested Recommendations

Security Center periodically analyzes the security state of your Azure resources to identify potential security vulnerabilities. It then provides you with recommendations on how to remediate those vulnerabilities. Recommendations are actions for you to take in order to secure your resources. … Read More

Privileged access groups

With privileged access groups, an extra privileged identity management (PIM) functionality has recently been added. It allows you to make individuals or groups eligible for group membership and ownership, as opposed to permanent allocations.Because you can link different privileged identity … Read More

Azure AD role-assignable groups

It has recently become possible with Azure AD role-assignable groups (in addition to assigning an Azure AD role to a user) to be able to assign roles to an Azure AD group. This allows you to keep an overview because … Read More


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