With the recent Azure Security Center updates from September, the options for setting up alert notifications have been expanded.
See below what has been added.

The ability to notify users with the following RBAC roles on the subscription:

  • Owner
  • Account Admin
  • Service Admin
  • Contributor


The ability to send email notifications about alerts with a minimum severity level:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

  1. The phone number field has been removed from the email notifications configuration page
  2. Subscription owners are proactively notified about high-severity alerts, (that have a high probability of being real breaches)
  3. To prevent alert fatigue, Security Center limits the number of outgoing emails. For each subscription, Security Center sends:
    • a maximum of four emails per day for high-severity alerts
    • a maximum of two emails per day for medium-severity alerts
    • a maximum of one email per day for low-severity alerts

For more information about email notifications from Azure Security Center see the following documentation:


The Azure Security Center release notes: